Build a Paci Group 21





These handmade pacis are carefully crafted in my home using top notch sterilization techniques.

Choose your center, base color preference, up to 4 rhinestone colors! You can also choose to add a name or custom text. Body is plastic with a BPA free nipple.

To view a gallery of the base & rhinestone color options, please click here

*Paci is for adult recreational use, not intended for children.*

Additional information

Base Choice

Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Purple, Light Purple, Black, White, Clear Black, Grey, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Red Glitter, Clear Pink, Purple w/ Purple Glitter, Clear Purple, Purple Glitter, Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, Yellow w/ Gold Glitter, Metallic Teal, Metallic Orange, Blue Glitter, Blue w/ Blue Glitter, Clear Blue, Clear Green, Dark Green, Light Green, Green Glitter, Green w/ Green Glitter

Center Choice

A, B, C, D

Rhinestone Choice

Fuchsia, Light Pink, Rose AB, Dark Rose, Pink Pearls, Star Snowflake Peachy Pink AB, Light Link AB, Hot Pink AB, Sunflower Hot Pink AB, Sunflower Light Pink AB, Orange, Orange AB, Dark Red, Sunflower Red AB, Red AB, Red, Clear, Sunflower Peach AB, Sunflower Crystal AB, Crystal AB, Topaz Gold, Yellow AB, Sunflower Gold AB, Light Topaz, Gold Jelly, Gold AB Jelly, Sunflower Yellow AB, Light Yellow, Sunflower Silver, Silver Jelly, Dark Brown, Champagne, White Pearls, Sunflower White AB, White AB Jelly, White Opaque Jelly, Sunflower Black AB, Sunflower Black, Hematite, Black, Sunflower Hematite AB, Grey, Clear AB Jelly, Green AB, Light Purple Pearls, Violet Purple, Dark Purple AB, Light Purple, Sunflower Light Purple AB, Sunflower Dark Purple AB, Mermaid Pearls, Light Purple AB, Montana Blue AB, Sunflower Aqua Blue AB, Sky Blue, Teal AB, Aqua Blue AB, Blue AB, Light Blue Pearls, Dark Aquamarine, Light Blue, Sunflower Dark Blue AB, Aquamarine, Star Snowflake Aqua Blue AB, Sapphire, Turquoise Pearls

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